February 28, 2010

Silver earrings

Silver shooting star earrings

Water drop hoop earrings with pacific opal swarovsky

Crystal dew drop earrings

February 21, 2010


I went to another onsen, this time to Tsuruoka in Yamagata prefecture. It was a great relaxing trip, my friend and I did nothing but eat, bathe, sleep and chat the entire time.

First, we stopped by for sushi and enjoyed some sake before checking in.


YUDONO-AN is the place we stayed.

Outside garden is covered with snow.

Small but cozy room.

The onsen! There were 2 different onsens, this one is Ishi (stone) bath with outside bath and the other onsen is Hinoki (wood) bath. The hotspring was so nice! I love onsen!
誰もいなかったので温泉の写真を撮っちゃいました!2種類あって、これが露天付きの石風呂。もう一つがひのき風呂。お湯もとっても良かった〜 温泉だいすき!

Just when dinner started, my camera ran out of battery so this appetizer is the last real photo I got to take on my trip... The food following this was all really great, I just wish I had my camera working!
ちょうど宿での夕食を始めるころカメラの充電が切れてしまいました。。。この前菜が最後の写真 となってしまいましたが、この後に続く食事はどれもとてもおいしかったです。ただ記録がなくて残念!

After spending a relaxing time at the onsen, the next day after we checked out of the hotel we stopped by this Japanese restaurant called Chikeiken for lunch. 
ここは携帯のカメラで記録。Photos taken with my cell phone....

Way back to Tokyo on Shinkansen.


February 13, 2010

More new earrings

I'm having so much fun making these earrings!

Chandelier earrings made in jet black swarovsky crystal beads

More hoop earrings

Matt gold bow earrings

February 8, 2010


I went to a farewell dinner to OTAKO at Nihonbashi for the first time. This restaurant has been opened since 1926 so I'm guessing it's one of the oldest oden restaurants!

February 7, 2010

Coffee and Cake

A sweet treat after lunch at the Hotel Okura. Yum.

February 6, 2010

Hoop Earrings

Lately I'm into making a variety of these hoops...

14k gold filled hoops with pink grapefruit Swarovsky crystals.

Opaque baby blue Swarovsky crystals in silver hoops.

And a few more waiting to be photographed.

February 4, 2010

Japanese sake tasting

Well... I regret.
I was too busy enjoying the sake tasting night with my friend over this beautiful appetizer plate (and so much more!), I completely forgot to take pictures of the several kinds of great sake I had. Really, what a shame! Oh-well. Next time I attend the tasting event, I will be sure and remember to take more photos. But isn't this platter just so beautifully arranged?!

きき酒の会、残念ながら美味しすぎて、楽しすぎて、肝心の日本酒の写真を撮りそびれてしまいました。次回の会では忘れずに記録を撮っておきます! でも、この盛りつけステキよね!春の味覚、先取り〜♪

At Wabisuke, Nogizaka, a Kyoto style restaurant.
One of my usual and favorite places to have Udon/Japanese noodles for lunch. And of course, they have a nice selection of Japanese sake and Kyoto food for dinner.

February 2, 2010

Snow Tokyo

It hardly ever snows in Tokyo but it did from the middle of the night.
I'm not a big fan of the cold season but this is an exception. I love it when it snows late at night and the city covered in white is quieter than ever.

February 1, 2010

Happy February

Boy, time just flies! It's already February... and a year has passed by since I started this blog honestly I didn't think I would keep up this long at first. But looking back I guess it's been a blog- worthy year. I traveled to some new places, saw new things, spent great quality times with friends and I even started a little web shop. I'm really happy to have people from all over the world to check out my handmade and it's been a true pleasure to make people happy with what I make. Thank you so much for your support!
I feel this year will continue to be blog worthy as I foresee some big change in my life. We'll see how that all goes!


Illustration by Jean Philippe Delhomme
Have I ever mentioned? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ELEPHANTS.