February 21, 2010


I went to another onsen, this time to Tsuruoka in Yamagata prefecture. It was a great relaxing trip, my friend and I did nothing but eat, bathe, sleep and chat the entire time.

First, we stopped by for sushi and enjoyed some sake before checking in.


YUDONO-AN is the place we stayed.

Outside garden is covered with snow.

Small but cozy room.

The onsen! There were 2 different onsens, this one is Ishi (stone) bath with outside bath and the other onsen is Hinoki (wood) bath. The hotspring was so nice! I love onsen!
誰もいなかったので温泉の写真を撮っちゃいました!2種類あって、これが露天付きの石風呂。もう一つがひのき風呂。お湯もとっても良かった〜 温泉だいすき!

Just when dinner started, my camera ran out of battery so this appetizer is the last real photo I got to take on my trip... The food following this was all really great, I just wish I had my camera working!
ちょうど宿での夕食を始めるころカメラの充電が切れてしまいました。。。この前菜が最後の写真 となってしまいましたが、この後に続く食事はどれもとてもおいしかったです。ただ記録がなくて残念!

After spending a relaxing time at the onsen, the next day after we checked out of the hotel we stopped by this Japanese restaurant called Chikeiken for lunch. 
ここは携帯のカメラで記録。Photos taken with my cell phone....

Way back to Tokyo on Shinkansen.


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