April 25, 2009

Cupcake heaven

After several attempts baking different kinds of cupcakes....

I succeeded with Banana-Cinnamon cupcake and Strawberry cupcake!
The recipe required no butter or oil for the cupcakes but surprisingly they turned out better than I thought and I decided to decorate them with creamy frosting.

バナナ・シナモン カップケーキといちごのカップケーキに成功!

Banana cinnamon with cinnamon cream frosting. Really delicious!

Strawberry Cupcakes with homemade strawberry jam cream.



April 24, 2009

Interior inspiration

Here- Scroll down as you're flipping through an interior design magazine.
I just love going over gorgeous interiors filled with ideas and inspiration... and daydream about owning such home one day...


image resource: Miles Redd

April 19, 2009


I was invited to a nice BBQ lunch this weekend

these plump stuffed tomatoes (pre-grilled) were so delicious!!

and lots-o-grilled-veggies! YUM.

Collection- Part I

I have a thing for collecting pretty boxes of all shape and size. At the moment they are empty, waiting to be stored with something special...

April 13, 2009

Paper Sculptures

By a Brooklyn based artist Eloise Corr Danch
I love the paper flower garlands and I could see them in person!

I love the flower headpiece! Fun!

The installation is held in New York at Macy's Flower Show 2009 until April 18. (Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street Between 7th Ave and Broadway, NYC)

April 6, 2009

The peak of Sakura Season is now

It has been perfect Hanami weather for the past week.
Here are some shots of the beautiful blossoms from this season...

It's almost surreal to see the amount of Sakura here- like thick and dense clouds. Absolutely amazing!

I love seeing the Sakura right by the water. There's something magical about the combination.

Blossom sky!

Kamiyacho (神谷町)
A view of some Sakura trees out from my window with purple pansies in the foreground. Doesn't the flower look like she's smiling into camera?

Hibiya Park(日比谷公園)
The baby green leaves and the pale pink blossoms are like painting. I love the reflection in the pond. Everything is blooming in the park and it's the most beautiful season for a nice long walk.

Nogi-Jinjya (乃木坂・乃木神社)
A traditional setting in the shrine.

I love the colors of the shrine architecture and the blossoms.

The following are from last year's Sakura season...

Kiyomizu-dera (京都・清水寺)
I was fortunate to be in Kyoto just in time for Sakura.

A pond covered with white petals. So serene and pretty, time stays still.

Nakameguro (中目黒)
This is one of my favorite places (except for the mass of people) for a Hanami in the dark.
With the lanterns along the riverside, the scene is absolutely enchanting!

April 5, 2009

Pretty flowers

From my very first floral arrangement lesson...

and a belated birthday flower gift from my friend.

April 1, 2009

Tokyo Tower

A perfect view of the Tower from the rooftop of Holland Hills.
I bet the view at night would be amazing.

Happy April

....and happy sakura season! Stay tuned for more as they full bloom.