December 19, 2009

Jazzy night

My friend's husband Raymond McMorrin had a live show at this nice jazz club in Aoyama called Body and Soul. We all had a wonderful evening and enjoyed the performance with great food and drinks. Ray is a fantastic tenor sax musician and Tiffany's clear and beautiful voice made everyone fall in love with the music. I can't wait to go to the show again next month!

Tiffany(vo) Raymond McMorrin(ts) Shinji Akita(pf) Yutaka Yoshida(b) Kengo Komae(ds)

December 16, 2009

Interior Inspiration

Scroll down for some pretty interiors shots...

from bruce hemming photography

December 14, 2009

Say Hello... my future house dog! Isn't he ADORABLE??!

This is Banjo and he is my favorite dog living with my friend in London.
Someday in a not so far future I plan to have a dog like him...!!!

December 12, 2009

Seoul, Korea

Here are some random pictures from a trip to Seoul with the girls over last weekend. We enjoyed having more than enough food and massages at the hotel spa during our stay; it was a short but nice weekend-get-away.

A freezing cold evening street scene on the way to Shilla Hotel.

Samcheong area

Wall graphics...

Food, food, food! (... and plenty of side-veggies for me!)

Shops at Insa-dong area...

Korean dolls soaking the morning sunshine...

December 1, 2009

Happy December

Already the last month of the year 2009....
And there's still so much to do before the year ends!