July 28, 2009

South Indian cuisine

My favorite Masala Dosa

There's nothing more to say than mmmmm.... mmmm... goooood!

...all fast gone!

I have 2 South Indian restaurants that I think are best in Tokyo. Dhaba India and Nirvanam. It's hard to say which is better because both are great in its own way. Everytime I have food here, I feel like I'm back in India. It's that authentic and good!


Dhaba India Kyobashi
Nirvanam Kamiyacho

July 25, 2009

Out to the beach

Only 1 hour train ride to Zushi from Tokyo and after a 15min bus ride, here we are! Pathway entrance to Isshiki Kaigan Beach in Hayama.

Perfect beach weather

Veggie taco & rice lunch at Bluemoon on the beach.. yum

A beautiful day...

I love the beach.

July 21, 2009

Stickboy Tries Yoga

This is an animation I made last year for an event for the agency I work at. Each of us had to make our own film to express who we are and what we love. Well, aside from my passion for making things, I am pretty much devoted to my daily yoga practice. So what I made is this short stop-motion animation with Stickboy. Looking back, I recall how I shot each frame in a crunch at 2 AM to meet the deadline but considering it to be my very first animation, I still love watching it and makes me happy.
I hope you enjoy it too.

このアニメーションは去年私が勤めるエージェンシーのイベント用に作りました。社員がそれぞれ自分や好きな事を表現するショートフィルムを作ったのです。大好きな創作活動以外にも、日々のヨガの練習が私にとってとても大切なので、Stickboyを使ってストップ・モーション アニメーションを作ってみました。振り返ってみると、切羽詰まって締め切りに間に合わせるために夜中の2時にフレームを一枚づつ撮影したのを思い出すけれど、初めてのアニメーション作りにしては何度みても私を幸せにしてくれます。みなさんも楽しんでください。

Biggest thank you to Shane L. master of editing and music by Takagi Masakatsu (wktokyolab)

July 19, 2009


After a hard work tracing the pattern, trimming, tacking, sewing and stitching... PHEW! I finally finished making this summer dress! Considering this was my first time making a dress from scratch, it's a big accomplishment that turned out a lot better than I thought. But honestly, I realize how dressmaking is a completely different field of craft. I'm really happy with what I made but I can't promise when my next dressmaking will be!!


July 14, 2009

Interior inspiration

Scroll down for some beautiful interior images from Light Locations. As always, I love to imagine and daydream about one day living in an environment like this. So for now, welcome to my daydream home!

Light Locationsより、とってもステキなインテリアのイメージをスクロールしてください。いつものように、いつかこんな環境に住めることを夢見たり、想像してます。

July 12, 2009

Ribbon Brooch

Summer Sailor Brooch for a seaside marine style

Pink & Black "O"
This would go well all season but would charm a white t-shirt or a simple summer dress!

July 11, 2009

Necklace remake

My friend Yuko was invited to a wedding last weekend and she had asked me to remodel her long crystal necklace short to fit her dress. It was a fun project to remake an existing accessory and great to hear that she looked fantastic and had recieved compliments from her friends at the wedding!

This is the original necklace. It's a simple crystal ball necklace that would look pretty on a nice summer dress. 

She sent me a picture of the dress that is black with spaghetti straps with a big beige swirl design in the front. So I made the single-strand necklace into 3 strands and made a choker that ties with a black ribbon at the back.

But I also wanted to make something a little more special so what I made is a brooch with black and gold ribbon with an acrylic design.

What's special about this brooch is that it can also be attached to the choker like this.

Of course, it can be worn separately and still look quite charming!

July 7, 2009

Summer Fruit and Veggie

Caponata over toasted English muffin

zucchini, eggplant, onion, red pepper, tomato, shimeji mushroom, pesto genovese

and fresh watermelon juice

July 5, 2009

Pompom necklace

Last Friday there was a night flea market at CLASKA and with my work friends, I sold some of my handmade accessory collection. This pompom necklace was one of the things that was sold!