February 4, 2010

Japanese sake tasting

Well... I regret.
I was too busy enjoying the sake tasting night with my friend over this beautiful appetizer plate (and so much more!), I completely forgot to take pictures of the several kinds of great sake I had. Really, what a shame! Oh-well. Next time I attend the tasting event, I will be sure and remember to take more photos. But isn't this platter just so beautifully arranged?!

きき酒の会、残念ながら美味しすぎて、楽しすぎて、肝心の日本酒の写真を撮りそびれてしまいました。次回の会では忘れずに記録を撮っておきます! でも、この盛りつけステキよね!春の味覚、先取り〜♪

At Wabisuke, Nogizaka, a Kyoto style restaurant.
One of my usual and favorite places to have Udon/Japanese noodles for lunch. And of course, they have a nice selection of Japanese sake and Kyoto food for dinner.

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