January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year !
Here are some photos from Hatsumoude, the first visit to the shrine on New Year.

Everyone waiting on a big line at Hie-Shrine at Akasaka to pray for good health and fortune for the year. There's a photo of this place from last year during sakura season, here.

Miko-san performing a dance ritual right next to the shrine.

A long and steep steps going up to Atago Shrine.

Also known as the stone stairway to success.

It's so steep and scary to look back and down!

At the end of the hike is a small but lovely shrine where a line of people wait to pray for the new year.

A beautiful Japanese pond with lanterns right beside the Atago Shrine.
This place is also beautiful in early spring with pink sakura. I'm already looking forward to the sakura season this year.

May 2010 be filled with great health and happiness !

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