August 17, 2009

Summer passing by...

I had been so busy working on production for a few projects back to back and hadn't been able to update for a while! I realize that my last post was about my handmade work in progress, but that's been put on hold and they aren't finished just yet. Almost, but not quite. In the mean time though, I am also in the mood to make another summer dress before the summer ends so that should be another post coming up. (... and I thought my last dress making would be the first and last attempt!)

It's already past mid-August. Summer is still here but it seems like it's passing by so fast. Too fast! There are still a few more things I want to do before the end of the season and hope to go to the beach once again... this is a picture I shot with a Holga camera years ago in Izu. I love how the colors are so vivid yet tone is so vague and nostalgic. Some what like a dream...




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