August 24, 2009

Fashion illustration

Just recently, I met a talented illustrator Miwa Goto. She's based in Paris and her works can be seen in fashion magazines like Vogue Nippon, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazzar etc... and many more.
I really love her distinct edgy lines, the colors and how her art is full of life and movement with stories. Here are some of her wonderful illustrations!

先日ゴトウミワさんと言うステキなイラストレータを紹介してもらいました。彼女はパリ在住でVogue Nippon, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazzar など、いろんなファッション誌やグッズで作品を掲載して活躍されています。エッジーなラインや色の使い方、ストーリーいっぱいで生き生きと動いているアートがとても楽しくて好きです!

A B C.... I love these alphabets!

Here, you can read her logo "MIWA GOTO"

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