May 25, 2009

Nagoya, Japan

I spent some great times with my friend who is teaching yoga at mysoul8 in Nagoya. We had nice picnics at the park, visited the Nagoya Boston Museum for the Gauguin exhibition, walked to some temples, lined up for 1 hour for lunch at Houraiken (famous for hitsumabushi but definitely worth the wait!) and took a trip to see Arimatsu tie-dye. My mini-weekend vacation ended with yin-yoga class lead by Nea. It was just so nice and relaxing!

So, where are all the nice pictures from the trip?

Well, I am sorry to say but I wasn't mindful to keep track of my belongings and I had lost the camera somewhere! Well.... what happened, happened. It was probably meant to be. I am bummed out but I learned my lesson and I believe what was lost will turn itself back somehow in different shape or form someday.

Nonetheless, I had a great weekend and that's all that matters!

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