March 15, 2009

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon...

After yoga practice in the morning, my friend and I spent the whole day chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather walking through Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando area. Not knowing it was the weekend right before St.Patrick's Day, we encountered a large group of people dressed up in green and a big parade happening Omotesando.

今日はヨガの後、朝からとってもいい天気だったので一日友達とおしゃべりしながら渋谷、原宿、表参道を散歩。St. Patrick's Day (アイルランドの祝日) の週末だとは知らずに歩いていたら、緑にドレスアップしてる人をたくさん見かけて大きなパレードに遭遇しました。

Amazing bagpiper performance

followed by a big marching band...

and dancing baton twirlers.

In the middle of the parade and right before this photo was taken, it seems like somebody proposed under this banner!

Marching Guinness Beer (followed by PR group of Irish pubs) and..

Irish Setters all dressed up for the parade!

I never thought there were so many Irish or Ireland-related people (and dogs!) in Tokyo but it sure was a big Shamrock-day event!


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