February 26, 2009

Lovely India..

Here are some random pictures from a wonderful time I had during my 2-week yoga holiday in Goa, India last month in January.

OH! This is how it all starts.
The absolutely chaotic streets of Mumbai, before traveling down to Goa....

Local breakfast at the hotel in Mumbai- Idli and Sambhar with coconut chutney, fresh squeezed OJ and masala chai after meal... So good!

Purple Valley Yoga Retreat is where I had the yoga workshop with Nancy Gilgoff. Having been here before, it was really nice to reconnect with some people I met in the past and felt really comfortable at the familiar place. I truly enjoyed meeting new friends from around the world!

The yoga shala..

and inside looks like this... where we all practiced every morning.

hammocks and swing-beds in the garden...

a cozy nap area by the swimming pool... it is a sanctuary!

Absolutely fantastic food!!

A fruit shop at Mapsa Market... It is amazing how they all stack the oranges so nicely!

Colorful embroidered tapestries... aren't they just lovely!? So inspirational for my creative mind!

and a shop full of bangle bracelets! I just love walking in the local markets!

Lunch on banana leaf at a visit to the Spice Plantation. All veggie meal and so delicious!

fruits, fruits, fruits...

A randomly hanged picture frame of Shiva....

My favorite flower- bougainvillea- at a nice French restaurant called La Plage by Asvem beach.

A serene view of Baga River by Lila cafe in the late afternoon. So calm and peaceful...

And the beautiful sun setting in the Arabian Sea.
I love India, the beautiful country gives me so many inspirations and I hope to see this sunset again soon!

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  1. OMEDETO~!!!!! These are such awesome pictures!
    I miss eating real Indian food - they look so delicious.
    keep it up! can't wait for the next update!